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PARK49 The West Sweden Chamber of Commerce HQ in Gothenburg   Your new meeting place from 1st of March
Come and try out your new meeting place.  The West Sweden Chamber of Commerce is moving to Parkgatan 49 on March 1st.  A newly-built office where members are welcome to come and visit, work, meet others and develop their business. Read the article »
  Gothenburg needs more inhabitants!
Five global companies with their roots in Gothenburg recently presented a vision for Gothenburg 2070.  AB Volvo, Volvo Cars, MTR Express, Skanska and Sweco are the companies behind the report.  All have extensive knowledge of urban development and infrastructure and see the business opportunities in developing the surrounding region.
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  An interview with AB Volvo’s newly appointed CEO, Martin Lundstedt
In a couple of weeks’ time he will take over as AB Volvo’s new President and CEO.  Handelskammaren met with with Scanias’ former CEO Martin Lundstedt for an exclusive interview on the topic of leadership style, diversity and how he views his home region of Skaraborg. Read the article » 
  How can we make our universities and colleges more attractive to foreign students
The competition has intensified. West Sweden must appeal to International expertise and be attractive both in terms of studies and career opportunities. In addition, the business community must recognize the value of the skills these international students hold.
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  Mikael Larsson about working in China
Mikael Larsson worked for several years as Business Development Manager for Saab in China. We asked him about his time abroad and how his life has changed since moving back to Sweden a couple of months ago.
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  Leif Johansson "I’m not a great fan of traditional career planning." 
Like many Swedish business leaders before him, he was raised in the Electrolux Group. Nowadays he is a leading figure in the Swedish business world. Read the article »  

  Dos and Don’ts in the Boardroom
They have over 30 board appointments between them. Here are some tips from the professionals about how to optimize work in the boardroom – what works and what should be avoided. Read the article » 
UniCarriers move their European HQ from Germany to Gothenburg - West Sweden Chamber of Commerce
  UniCarriers move their European HQ from Germany to Gothenburg 
International industrial truck manufacturer UniCarriers is structuring their European consolidated subsidiary: as of 1 April 2015, the European headquarters will be transferred from Meerbusch (Germany) to Mölnlycke (Sweden).
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  The doctor’s prescription for making Gothenburg the best
Ann McAfee is the doctor who made Vancouver the most liveable city in the world. Here is her prescription for making Gothenburg an international winner. Read the article » 

  "It's not what's important for Gothenburg that matters. It's what's important for Sweden"
He says it on home ground. And in Stockholm. The director of Astra Zeneca Sweden Jan-Olof Jacke repeats his mantra over and over again: –We mustn't become too regional.  We have to tear down the walls of "us against them". 
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  Where is the best place in the world to live?
Vancouver is the answer. The Chamber has just been in the city everyone is dreaming about. The purpose? To collect ideas for Gothenburg’s development. Read the article »
LinkedIn A good title sells - West Sweden Chamber of Commerce   LinkedIn - A good title sells
Are you having trouble finding a job in Sweden?
Here are some tips on how to strengthens your LinkedIn profile. Read the article »
Explore Gothenburg by bike - West Sweden Chamber of Commerce  

Explore Gotenburg by bike
Did you know:
We "Göteborgare" made ​​an average of 105,000 cycle journeys every day in 2012.
There are 465 km bike lanes in Gothenburg.
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Tough to begin with, but now they are enjoying life in west sweden - West Sweden Chamber of Commerce  

Tough to begin with, but now they are enjoying life in west sweden
In the beginning it was tough. But now the Gazder family from India are enjoying life to the full in West Sweden. I believe that the most important thing is that we have learnt Swedish. Life becomes simpler and more enjoyable, says Shirin Gazder.
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A view of West Sweden - West Sweden Chamber of Commerce  

Report | Global in West Sweden
This report is a study carried out by The West Sweden Chamber of Commerce to collect information on what expatriates and their spouses think of the region whenit comes to living and working here. Where does West Sweden stand in the International competition?
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Create your career path - West Sweden Chamber of Commerce  

Create your career path
When deciding to build a new life in Sweden you probably thought of the opportunity this would give you to “start all over”, fulfill your career goals or educate yourself further. 
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Frans Johansson - The Medici Effect  

He lets chance play a role in business
Are you under the impression that planning and strategy is what leads you and your company to success?  Forget that idea. 
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The White Guide awards restaurants in Gothenburg
Restaurant Bhoga in Gothenburg received prestigious titles when the White Guide presented Sweden's best restaurants.
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He can build the future with graphene
West Sweden’s future is destined to be shaped in part by graphene.  The EU has just granted 9 billion kronor to Professor Jari Kinaret and Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg to continue developing the supermaterial.
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She knows how you should act in social media
PR consultant Ida Nilsson has over 1000 followers on Twitter. We met up with her to talk about social media.
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Björn-Gelotte-Heavy-Talent   Heavy Talent
He started playing heavy rock guitar as a result of being attracted to the idea of drinking beer and performing. After 17 years playing with In Flames, reality today is somewhat different. 
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Newsletter | Jeppesson - West Sweden Chamber of Commerce   Creativity is in the air
When a small company becomes a big company, creativity and innovation often suffer badly. For the IT giant Jeppessen, a subsidiary of Boeing, creativity is a necessary and important part of the working day.
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Newsletter | Denis Goddchild - West Sweden Chamber of Commerce   How do managers get the right work done, on time and to the required standard?
Organisations exist to get work done.
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  This is our view on the congestion charge
"The 1st of January 2013 will mark the introduction of a congestion charge in Gothenburg. The City Council voted unanimously for the introduction of a congestion charge in Gothenburg in 2010
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  "Leadership for Managers Column" by Denis Goodchild
The iconic former CEO and leader of APPLE supposedly violated every rule of management. He was directive in style, could be brutal with his people and listened mainly to his intuition. He did not follow the usual rules of leadership
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  Fredagsmys produced in Mölndal gave Santa Maria self-confidence.
Many Swedish families have a tradition of eating tacos on Friday evenings. When shopping for food for Fredagsmys, the majority of people choose taco shells and sauces made by Santa Maria.
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Creatables   Got room for a creators company?
Bengt Andersson owns a recycling business. When he realized he had more office space than he needed he decided to let out a room to a small, recently started creators company, Creatables. Fantastic. 
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 Jeanna Kanold   Jeanna and the chocolate factory, in good or bad times, everyone buys chocolate
It all begun in the year 1998. That´s the year Jeanna Kanold Bought her first store and started to create her own chocolate.
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